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Spring 2024

Doom Metal Goat Yoga

at Jester King Farm

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tune in  |  work hard  |  rest well

Taylor Fox is a registered yoga teacher (RYT 200) with Yoga Alliance. She completed her certification through Austin School of Yoga in 2019 and is trained in Vinyasa and Hatha, with additional certifications in Restorative, Yoga Nidra, and Trauma-Informed Yoga.


Taylor is also an AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor (CGFI) and AFPA Certified Prenatal and Postpartum Fitness Specialist.


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What to expect in a Vinyasa yoga class

All my classes start with a few minutes of rest, breath work, and setting intention to help you focus. With Vinyasa classes, we slowly build up from gentle movement into standing flows and poses that emphasize mobility and breath connection.  


I love to create an atmosphere of learning and individualization. Props (like blocks and blankets) support and deepen your practice and I'll show you how to use them. I'll guide you through movements and offer alignment suggestions, but you have the power to do any pose in the way that feels best for you. My goal is for you to learn what your body has to teach you.​


Different types of classes offer different experiences, so read more about what to expect in the class styles I teach.

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What's Vinyasa?

Yoga is a very old practice that has developed into lots of different styles over time and across cultures. Vinyasa is one of the styles of yoga. 

In Sanskrit, Vinyasa means “to place in a special way.”

The words Vinyasa and flow are used almost interchangeably. That’s because the style is all about moving from one pose to the next in a flowing rhythm with your breath. However, that doesn’t mean that all Vinyasa classes are fast and vigorous. Vinyasa yoga can flow quickly, slowly, and anywhere in between. None is better or worse; they’re just paced differently so you can choose what suits you on any given day.

The instructor guides everybody through class--where to position yourself and how to move to the next pose--so you can just listen, watch, and follow along.

And you don’t need to be a dancer, or have rhythm, or be flexible to do Vinyasa yoga!

Taking a Vinyasa class can make you feel creative, strong, and focused. It can be an effective style of yoga for people with active minds, since there’s always something new to explore with each new breath. Vinyasa is a good choice for people who want to build strength and flexibility, or who just want to move around in fun new ways!

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