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About Taylor

My personal yoga practice began in 2015 on a whim. I was tired of sitting in traffic after work, so I decided on a new ritual: ending my day with yoga. Instead of staring at tail lights, I found feelings of peace and power.

My goal as a teacher is to guide my students toward the ease, joy, inspiration, and strength within. I believe yoga asana is about learning what my body has to teach me, rather than trying to teach my body to do yoga.

tune in | work hard | rest well

my philosophy

When I practice yoga, I practice these 3 principles on the mat. The hope is, with consistent practice, these principles become easier to integrate in my day-to-day life.


How every class starts. This is your time to pause and breathe. Check in with yourself: how are you feeling physically, mentally, emotionally? Start noticing. Refrain from passing judgement or attaching yourself to old narratives. Instead, be curious and impartial. The point is to collect a baseline that you can build your practice on.


The main chunk of class and the reason many people come to vinyasa/flow-style yoga. How physically hard you work should depend on what you learned from your tune in. If you want to take it easier, then your hard work may be more about practicing restraint. If you want to sweat it out, your hard work is about keeping your mind focused and your breath steady with your movements. Whichever approach you take, stay true to yourself and try not to get caught up in the grind. This is not a performance. This is the part of class where you learn from your body, grow, and apply yourself with purpose and reason.


How every class ends. This is when you slow back down: slower movements, slower breath, and slower mind. Be gentle and kind to yourself. Avoid thinking about what you could have done better in your practice, or thinking about what you’re going to do afterwards. Practice full awareness in the present moment. This will help you rest more comfortably. You deserve it!

"I am so lucky to have discovered Taylor in the Austin Yoga Community! As an experienced yogi she brings the heat and challenges her students in unexpected ways. Her humor and presence keep me coming back."

Testimonial from Jill

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